May 20, 2019

Mother/Son Event

Thank you Mothers and Mother Figures who came out to support their young child’s education.  41 Mothers and Mother Figures attended this event with their sons.

The theme of the event was I Love You Forever. Each family received a copy of the classic children’s book. “I Love You Forever”  We had several activities including a book signing station, photo booth, growth chart craft activity, Baby Relay game, sorting game station, and an infant/toddler area. Ms. Palmer and Ms. Roy got everyone dancing by leading “Shake it Like a Duck!” along with several other songs.

“A mother’s physical and emotional presence provides babies with two things: protection from stress and emotional regulation, both of which are important to healthy brain development and the child’s future well-being.” –

We asked mothers to tell us something they learned, something they enjoyed and general comments.

Something we learned:

“How to match objects” –  Arielle Loring, King Head Start

“We learned how to do the Shake it Like a Duck dance” – Sherika Dobbins, New Start

Something we enjoyed

“Making Growth Chart” – Carmela Sanchez, MCH

“Reading time with Mom” Jamie Fitzpatrick, Sherwood

“El Baile” – Brenda Juarez, King Head Start

“The food and the fellowship with the other UAMS Parent and Kids” – Krystal Williams, NHS

General Comments

“ I had a wonderful time” – Kveta McDonald, Metro HS

“I really enjoyed this amazing Mother & Son moment with UAMS! Thank You” – Keora Tye, King Head Start

I want to take a moment to thank everyone that supported this project especially the PFCE Committee Members! You all did an amazing job!

decorating growth charts mothers and children decorating growth charts child plays with starts mother and child pose for photo mother and child pose for photo mother and child getting their book signed mother reads to child mother reads to child mother and child pose for photo mother and child choosing growth chart making growth charts mother reading to children mother posing with child mother reading to children mother and son choose a growth chart dj helping out at event staffing helping at event mother posing with child staff helping at event mother posing with child making growth charts mother posing with child cake mother getting children's papers mother helping child write name child looking at stickers children getting dolls