June 3, 2019

Cooking Class Spring 2019

Our HS, EHS and Partnership parents and family members participated in the 6 weeks Cooking Matters course.  This program helps parents and caregivers, struggling with limited food budgets, learn how to shop for and cook healthy, affordable meals.  After the parents learned about healthy eating and cooking, they participated in cooking healthy dishes during each session and were able to take the ingredients home to fix the dish in the privacy of their own homes.

Parents listening to cooking class instructor     Child adding toppings to mini pizzas     Woman spooning ingredients onto pan     participants cutting vegetables     woman holding spoon of vegetables in bowl     woman cutting an onion  participant holding tomatoes     participants cutting ingredients     Parents listening to cooking class instructor     Woman and Boy getting ready to cookwoman cutting vegetables     Parents listening to cooking class instructor     Woman sauteing vegetables in a pan      staff setting up for class     parents cutting fruitparent cooking at stove     parent cooking at stove     parent cutting fruit     parents cutting fruit     parents cutting fruitparents cutting fruit     parent prepping bread     parent prepping food     children trying mini pizzas     Children trying mini pizzastrying mini pizzas     showing off mini pizzas     staff with open mitts     parents prepping food to cook