Staff Inclement Weather Policy

Good Afternoon,

Please read the UAMS inclement weather policy below, we are considered a non-essential area and will be closed if UAMS designates inclement weather. Closings will be displayed on UAMS website and social media accounts (see below).

Our Head Start internal inclement weather policy states that when there is bad weather UAMS Head Start/Early Head Start will follow the Little Rock Public School District, which will include school closings or delay’s due to weather conditions. Our suggestions is that you check both UAMS and Little Rock school closings.

In some instances, UAMS may not designate inclement weather but the Little Rock School district is closed. In these cases, the Executive Director and Head Start Director will determine school closings or delays. If Little Rock School District is closed but UAMS is not then please wait to receive word from the Head Start program or contact your direct supervisor. HS/EHS Program Director will contact Leadership team including Deputy Director’s, Leadership will contact their direct reports. Deputy Directors will contact Educational Leaders/Assistants and Education Leads/Assistants will contact program/site staff.

Below is a listing of places you can check to see closings:,,

We will also distribute an email and text blast to both staff and parents with notification of school closings and delay’s. As always if you are unsure of school closings/delay’s you can always contact your direct supervisor.

Please remind parents that it is always their final determination to decide if it is safe for their child/children to attend or remain at school.

Tyra Larkin

Program Director