Payroll Notification

Dear Head Start/Early Head Start Staff,

First, I apologize in advance for my oversight on this matter. Payroll sign off deadline was moved up a day in which I was unaware, but take full responsibility. I have tried to rectify this, but was unsuccessful. I will need to request supplemental payment to biweekly employees with last names that start with H-Z that will be paid out next week Friday 1/8/2021.

If you clocked in and out the week of 12/14 you will be paid for those hours this Thursday and I will submit supplemental payment for week of 12/21 for vacation and holiday. If you did not clock in and out, your payment for the pay period will be paid out on 1/8/2021.

Again, I apologize and realize this may be an inconvenience with the holidays. Hopefully the generous payment for full time employees that UAMS gave us on 12/23 will assist until 1/8.