Notice of Award

We want to share some exciting news, we have received our Notice of Award and are able to move forward with communication and implementation of the new proposal. We are meeting with the Office of Human Resources tomorrow morning and will be able to give specific information around re-organization as it relates to positions, postings etc. For now, we would like to share the following:

  • University of Arkansas Medical Science is awarded a project period of 07/01/2019-06/30/2024 for the operation of the Head Start and Early Head Start programs in the designated service areas:

Designated Head Start service area: Pulaski County, Arkansas-Approved program options for the Head Start program: 500 Center-based

Designated Early Head Start service area: Pulaski County, Arkansas- Approved program options for the Early Head Start program: 152 Center-based, 40 Home-based, and 32 Pregnant Mothers.

  • Our new 5 year grant funding (new NOA) will be dispersed November 1, 2019 and our grant year will be from 11/1/2019 until 10/31/2020
  • We are the only grantee for this funding application and we received the full 8.3 million dollars to provide Head Start/Early Head Start services to families within Pulaski County
  • 2019-2020 Sites and # of children: (There could be minor changes but we think we have this narrowed down)

UAPTC 229 Head Start (Will house children/families at King (128) & Davis (116) until renovations are completed)

Kennedy 20 HS and 16 EHS

Metro 37

Sherwood-20 HS

Southwest-140 HS

MCH   14 HS & 48 EHS


St. Augustine-40 HS 24 EHS

Chicot-40 EHS

Please ensure we have updated phone number, mailing and email addresses. We will be contacting you shortly to inquire about your plans of returning with us this school year….