Arkansas Department of Workforce Services logoUAMS Head Start and Early Head Start are embarking on a collaboration to improve Head Start and Early Head Start families’ knowledge of the services offered by the Arkansas Department of Workforce Services.  During our summer enrollment period, representatives from ADWS will be at our central office location to meet families and discuss services with them.  We are also working to refer families to training programs ADWS offers.  Below are some photos showing the work we are doing.

Tyra Larkin and Chales Feild in a meeting

Program Director Tyra Larkin and Executive Director Charles Field, along with the enrollment team, meeting with Earnest Young (TANF Local Office Manager), Stacy Nash (Program Manager) and Yovondra Wiggins (Outreach Coordinator) to develop this collaboration.


Two women talking in a library setting

Outreach Coordinator Yovandra Wiggins meets with Brittany Young, a UAMS Head Start Parent, to discuss available services.

Group of people meeting

Hallway signage

Brochures on a table