The philosophy of the UAMS Head Start/Early Head Start program is that successful positive behavior guidance is built on strong relationships that are grounded in trust and respect. Teachers and staff develop strategies that are individualized, developmentally appropriate, and build on each child’s social, emotional, and behavioral skills.

Discipline will NOT be associated with food, rest, illness, or toilet training. Children will NOT be labeled “bad” or “naughty”. Spanking, or any physical punishment, will not be used or used as a threat. The use of profanity or name calling is strictly forbidden. Shaming, humiliating, or frightening children will not be used. Posted group behavior charts are not appropriate.

*In the event that a child’s behavior is extremely unsafe (i.e. running away, extreme aggression, etc.), a temporary crisis behavior plan may be used under the direction of the Mental Health Manager until a parent meeting can be scheduled.

Disciplinary Policy Steps:

1. Use of Proactive Strategies in the classroom

2. Positive Reinforcement

3. Responsive Strategies

If these steps do not reduce the behaviors, child will be referred to the Positive Behavior Support Team. A meeting with the parent will occur to determine further steps.

**If dangerous behaviors continue and all efforts have been exhausted, it may be determined that another placement will better serve the child. Transfer of any children must be approved by the Director.

Head Start/Early Head Start discipline procedures meet Licensing Requirements as set forth by the Arkansas Department of Human Services and the Division of Childcare and Early Childhood Education Licensing Unit.

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